I’ve got the bug – or buzz

I’m getting back into my groove! On Sunday I picked up my needles once again and got stuck into making a cute bee.

I’d wanted to give a bee a go for a while, and as this little creature is not too taxing I managed to get him almost complete. Now I just need to sort his wings and maybe add a loop on his back for hanging him.

The eyes were a struggle, I had thought of using beads but as he is one whole piece, I had nowhere to hid the knot. With my hare I attached the beads by placing the knot under the head, before attaching that to the body meaning it was hidden.

I then thought about using a glue gun, which was just too messy. So the best thing to do was needle felt a little back into place, and it worked out great. His face was just begging for a little smile so I also added that – and I love it!

After considering netting for the wings I’ve also decided that needle felting those would be best, hopefully it won’t be long before I get this done and update you with a complete picture.

I hope he makes you smile as much as he is! =)


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