Back at it at last!

First of all I hope you all had a great Christmas! Secondly it has been way too long since I last posted, and almost as long since I last needle felted!

As mentioned, I was having trouble with my panda’s face which put me off that one for a while, but I was also working on a hare.

This was a Christmas gift which has now been given – so I can openly write about it. The head and ears came together quite well, I created a helpful item out of card to mould the ears into the right shape and I enjoyed adding the eyes and the cute little nose lines. These items really helped to give it character.

Next came the body and after that the legs. This was where I had my first issue, when I placed the legs in position they just didn’t seem right and I wasn’t happy with them – they looked too high up and too far out.

So I adjusted the body to have a little dip where they would fit in, and also worked more on the legs to make them more in proportion. This seemed to do the trick!

After getting over this hurdle I had to tweak the hind legs and sculpt the areas around them which wasn’t too bad. I added a little more bulk until I was happy and ended up doing the same with the tail, which worked better a little chunkier.

Overall I’m looking forward to perfecting any problems I’ve so far had with the experience of creating more cute items. The main thing is that the recipient was thrilled with this hare!



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